SA Bushfire Appeal  'Adelaide Hills' & 'Kangaroo Island' 160gm Soy Travel Candles

SA Bushfire Appeal 'Adelaide Hills' & 'Kangaroo Island' 160gm Soy Travel Candles

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In late December 2019, bushfires ravaged South Australia's Adelaide Hills region and Kangaroo Island.

The leafy Adelaide Hills is one of Australia's most renowned wine regions. It's scenic and lush, with several gorgeous little towns filled with character. More than a million locals and tourists visit the region each year.

Just days before Christmas, bushfires started in the Hills region which tore through more than 23,000ha, causing severe damage to dozens of wineries.

Following the devastating wildfires in South Australia, we felt moved to “Help them out, #BookThemOut”.

Therefore, part proceeds from every sale of our Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island candles will be donated to the SA Bushfire Appeal**.

The SA Bushfire Appeal candles are sold as a pair, containing:
- 'Adelaide Hills' White Tea & Berries Candle
- 'Kangaroo Island' Lavendar Cedarwood Candle

Fragrance: Raspberries Blackberries Herbal Tea
Size: 165gm
Burn time: up to 40 hours
Diameter: 80mm
Height (with lid): 52mm

**Funds are being collected for the State Emergency Relief Fund, promoted as the SA Bushfire Appeal. Charity Licence # CCP2212 expires 31/12/2020. Contact: and for more information visit SA Bushfire Appeal.

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